a mark 

A Number – 

A year, a starting point, a date.  Nearly all products have a mark or a date marking the beginning of its existence.  A beast will also have a starting point and in most cases an end point.  There could be an exception.  One was diverse from all the beasts that were before it.  How do we identify a beast?  

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a number 

A Year –

A date, a beginning, a start, a mark.  Nearly every product sold today has a date marking its beginning.  The word “number” in Daniel refers to years.  Historians are good at ignoring what may have happened in the year 666 but we do know Islam was getting ready to attack Constantinople about that time.  

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a mark 

A Beginning 

A start, a date, a year, a number.  666  Look for number in Daniel.  It refers to years.  So what happened in the year 666?  Nothing.  Historians are careful about that year.  Dating is difficult without a calendar.  A date is the most common mark on a product.  Its origin.  So what started in 666?  What calendar should we use?  

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