a father 

A Necessary Ingredient 

A family without a father is a social injustice but ignored by the mainstream media.  Marx is the father of communism that is designed to replace the family so they aren’t worried about the lack of a father in the home.  We need to be worried about communism in the world.  


a number 

A Year 

A date, a beginning, a start, a mark.  Nearly every product sold today has a date marking its beginning.  The word “number” in Daniel refers to years.  Historians are good at ignoring what may have happened in the year 666 but we do know Islam was getting ready to attack Constantinople about that time.  

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a mark 

A Beginning 

A start.  A date code is the most common mark on a product and “no man might buy or sell” without it.  What started in 666?  What calendar?  44 BC marked the beginning of the Julian calendar.  622 of the Gregorian calendar would be 666 of the Julian calendar.  It marked the beginning of Islam.