a crusade 

A Spirit Of Vatican 2 

A Church to be repaired by the laity.  It’s not just another crisis.  It could be the beginning of the end.  Life is the Way to protect the Truth.  Start with Life.  Protect Life.  Protect the teachings of the Church.  Protect the Church.  Life, Marriage, and Family are being replaced by social justice.  Only the laity stand in the way.  



a standard 

A Best Practice 

A truth that works.  Life, Marriage, and Family have been replaced by racism, genderism, and climate change.  Caring is important.  A necessary ingredient.  So all they can change is what you care about.  This they have done for you and if you don’t buy into it, they will make sure your kids do.  


a new forum  

A Conservative View 

Great American Forum.  Just getting started.  Freedom and justice for all.  Politics and Religion.  Marx believed religion would get in the way of his vision for the future.  Let’s get in his way.  Get together with like minded people and support religion, freedom, life, marriage, and family.  You are not alone.  Do something.  Say something.  Let others know that you believe in objective truth.  Join us.  Tell them chrysostom sent you.  


a cheap shot 

A Teacher Protected 

A teacher union.  A teacher agenda.  Racism and Transgenderism.  Who is watching your kid?  What are their priorities?  What are yours?  Life, marriage, and family.  Protect the child.  At birth, before, and after.  It all starts with life.  Start there.  


a pale horse 

A Rider Named Death 

A color of a polluted sea.  Can you say climate change?  Oh no Mr. Bill.  A fate worse than death ushering in a New World Order with no need for religion.  We now have science that tells us there are way too many people so abortion is just one of many solutions.  Marx was right.  Religion protecting life, marriage, and family is the biggest problem.   

Home 20

a gender agenda 

Mad Mickey Mouse

A disordered duck.  Boys and girls of all ages are confused.  Parents can’t be trusted.  Mom and dad cancelled.  Equity for all.  Math is hard.  So is reading and writing but our children will know how to organize to get their fair share.  Get in line.  Teachers will make it all better.  The new religion.  Social justice for all.