a thousand years 

A Christian Empire – 

A time when they reigned with Christ.  The Byzantine Empire was the only Christian empire to last a thousand years.  Its capital, Constantinople, has all the characteristics of Babylon the Great.  No other city has them and can be found no more at all.  It is a mystery and likely to remain so.  

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a great city 

A Mystery –

A misinterpretation.  Even Peter knew he was in Babylon.  Some are still looking for his bones south of Baghdad.  That is the real mystery but Rome having seven hills was never a mystery.  The seven hills of Constantinople is still a mystery and likely to remain so.  It will never fit with their narrative.  

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a great city 

A Mystery And Likely To Remain So – 

A fit with history like no other.  Many waters, seven hills, seven heads, ten horns, is fallen, is fallen, merchants, and can be found no more at all.  No other city can claim all this.  It is a real mystery why others have not found this.  The only reason for this is it has not been revealed to them.  Knowledge shall be increased when the end is near.