a number 

A Passage In Daniel – 

A reference to years.  What happened in the year 666?  What calendar do you use?  What calendar was in effect?  John understood Daniel.  Daniel understood by books the number of the years.  John sends us to the Old Testament for clues.  John understood by books.  John understood the Lamb of God and lamb is found 27 times in the Apocalypse.  

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a connection with history 

A Number – 

A reliable connection between prophecy and history.  Your interpretation not so much.  All the different translations of the bible seem to agree on numbers.  Especially a “thousand years” when they reigned with Christ.  Not the “reign of Christ” which will get over 5 million hits on the internet.  Not so much with the bible.  0 Bible results for “”reign of Christ”.”  Something to think about.  

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a number 

A Color – 

A guide to interpretation.  You can trust numbers and maybe colors to be reliably translated.  Not so much with the other words.  The “words of God” are seen differently by the many different bible translators.  Who can you trust?  Historians.  What can you trust?  Maybe numbers.  Historians may have trouble with dates but they do get close enough.  

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a number of years 

A Number in Daniel – 

A key to understanding the Apocalypse.  John knows Daniel and Daniel knows the number of years.  The numbers John uses have been preserved in nearly all of the bible translations.  They can be trusted in identifying historical events that might be a fulfillment of prophecy.  Not just one number but all the numbers must fit.  And colors.  

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