a bare record 

A Connection to John the Baptist 

A Lamb of God.  A “bare record” clearly points to John the Baptist.  So does the word “lamb”.  This also explains why the time is at hand.  He was preparing the way for the first coming.  John the apostle knew all this when he added the seven churches and Jesus to his version of the Apocalypse.  

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a necessary question 

A Reason for the Apocalypse 

A revelation of what must shortly come to pass.  Why?  To prepare the way for the first coming.  The Lamb of God.  Not the second coming.  Jesus.  Lamb is mentioned 27 times.  Jesus is mentioned only 12 times.  John the Baptist prepared the way for the Lamb of God.  He didn’t know it was Jesus.  

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a time to wonder 

A Reason For Hope 

A First Coming.  Prepare for the Way, the Truth, and the Light.  Life.  Life is Good.  Marriage is sacred.  Family is the way to protect the child.  The Church is the way to protect the truth.  The laity is the way to protect the Church.  We all have a job to do.  The Lord is your Shepherd.  He will guide you.  Your way will be clear.  


a watch 

A Time A coming. 

A preparation.  We should be preparing for the second coming but at the time the Apocalypse was first written they could have been preparing for the first coming.  Not a common belief but a few have proposed this as a possibility.  It is not unreasonable to consider this.  Watch for a reasonable explanation.  

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