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A Revelation For All Nations 

A job for the laity.  “They will open wider the doors of the Church” according to Lumen Gentium 36.  Is this the “spirit of Vatican 2”?  “Open wider the doors” so they can get out faster?  It’s working.  “Go, you are dismissed.”  The bishops are busy moving money and priests so it is our job to “witness unto all nations”.  



jonathan morris 

A Priest 

who left.  Why?  Why are so many priests leaving?  I don’t know so I can only speculate based on what I do know.  We have a priest shortage.  They are leaving faster than we can replace them.  The percentage of homosexuals has been increasing even thought there has been an effort by the popes to not ordain them.  Therefore the priests leaving are mostly not homosexual.  Why are they leaving?  The priests, bishops, and cardinals in Rome are mostly homosexual.  The bishops and cardinals in the United States are mostly homosexual.  Not being a homosexual priest can be a hard row to hoe.  You have to be very careful what you say and do.  You will have to deal with active homosexuals.  Your chances of becoming a bishop are not good.  Most if not homosexual are at least sympathetic with their problems.  If you aren’t, better not let anyone know.