a reason why

A Question Asked –

A question not answered.  It is not about Jesus.  It is about the Lamb.  It is not about the second coming.  It is about the first coming.  It is all about preparing the way.   A job for John the Baptist who bare record.  John the Apostle added Jesus and the churches.  The second John.  Who is the third?  

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a freedom fighter 

A Trucker In Canada 

A citizen of Ukraine.  They are not worried about climate change or racism.  Are you worried about the price at the pump?  Buy more oil from Russia Biden.  They need more money to attack their neighbor.  Biden knows what is important.  His people tell him and won’t let him take any more questions.  


a time for everything 

A Season 

A reason to ask questions.  Why can’t we all get along?  How can we ignore what is going on?  Can we believe what is being reported?  Who can we trust?  Is it time to move on?  What can I do?  Stop.  What can you do?  What you can do is ask for help.