a black horse 

A Black Sea – 

A pair of balances in his hand.  Communism from the Black Sea, a great threat to religion, was started by Marx, the rider of the black horse.  Marxism is still a major threat to freedom.  It has found its way inside the Church.  Call it climate change.  Call it racism.  It is a lie.  It must be repeated.  It must block the truth.  Call that censorism.  

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a real scare 

A Build Back Better 

A vote for more.  More inflation.  More crime.  More critical race theory.  More transgenderism.  More abortions.  More lies.  Less free speech.  Less religion.  Less freedom.  Less energy.  Less accountability.  Is that better?  Better get ready to vote.  Better get ready for more and less.  C’mon man.  


a vote for life 

A Republican Vote 

A party that supports abortion is not trustworthy.  Life is sacred.  If life is not your priority,  you will probably be on the wrong side of crime, racism, and climate change.  Social justice starts with life, marriage, and family.  Protect the child.  You can’t trust the schools, the village, the state, and the FBI.  


a divided country 

A Lack Of Faith 

A reason to reflect on what is really important.  Life.  If you can’t get that right, you will have trouble with everything else including social justice which is being used to replace religion.  The opposite of faith is fear.  Fear of climate change, racism, and the FBI.  Vote for life.  Vote to protect the child.  C’mon man.  


a confession 

A Vote For Others 

A mail in ballot.  “I was taking a smokeless break and asked this lady who she voted for.  She didn’t know and explained that her husband votes for her via absentee ballot.  I signed my wife and two college aged kids up and voted four times in the next election.  I’m sure the FBI will investigate.  We are white.”  


a feminist 

A Right To Kill 

A necessary abortion.  Equity demands it.  Social justice demands it.  Life, Marriage, and Family are no longer sacred.  A good man is hard to find.  A good father is harder to find.  No problem.  Social justice is here to make it all better.  Climate change and racism is your focus.  And you will pay for it.  C’mon man.  


a missing father 

A Broken Family 

A child not protected.  It takes a man to defend life, marriage, and the family.  That’s the truth.  Climate change is a lie.  Racism is a lie.  Abortion is an abomination.  Social justice is replacing the teachings of the Church and weak men are allowing it.  It is time to man up.  C’mon man.  


a social justice 

A New Religion 

A cure for guilt.  There, there.  There is a pill for what ales you.  Prove that you care.  You may not be a victim but caring will satisfy or at least pay for the fact that you are one of the privileged few.  Social justice demands it.  Get the ribbon that proves you care.  And move to a safer place.  


a division 

A Revelation Of Differences 

A kettle calling the pot black.  Racism?  It matters not.  Exposing a divisive matter is not creating division.  Only a liar would make such a claim.  Reason, logic, and facts do not restrict the liar,  Only the truth and that is why the truth must be cancelled.  Proclaim the Truth.