a reason why

A Question Asked –

A question not answered.  It is not about Jesus.  It is about the Lamb.  It is not about the second coming.  It is about the first coming.  It is all about preparing the way.   A job for John the Baptist who bare record.  John the Apostle added Jesus and the churches.  The second John.  Who is the third?  

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a love of truth 

A Reason to Live 

A meaning for life.  A test of wills.  Don’t bury your talent.  Learn what you can.  Teach what you can.  You will need help.  Ask for it.  Seek the truth.  You will find it.  Knock and it will be open unto you.  The Truth will not only set you free, It will make you happy.  It will help you pass the final test.  We are being tested. You may not find that word in your bible.   

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a reason to believe 

A Home for Doubt 

A necessary explanation for what we experience.  We have to make sense of it.  To ignore it is to deny reality.  To deny objectivity.  Call it speculation, conjecture, or whatever but please accept the fact that there must be a reason, a purpose, a meaning, etc.   

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a time to show up 

A Minimum Requirement 

A time to listen if you have an ear.  What can you do?   Just show up and listen.  Let the Spirit move you.  We all have a job to do.  Find a quiet place and listen.  There is a reason, a purpose, and a meaning.  It is knowable.  It will be revealed to you.  You have to believe that and hope for understanding.  The wise shall understand.  


a reason to live 

A Catholic Court 

A defense of life.  A Catholic on the court is no accident.  Faith is reasonable.  In fact without faith there is no reason.  Without reason you can’t argue.  If you can’t argue, you must restrict the speech of those who can.  Somehow universities became a safe place for those who can’t argue.  Even the Catholic ones.  


a reason to believe 

A Light Shines In The Darkness 

A free speech leads to freedom.  Reason and logic reveal the truth.  Does it make sense?  A test for the truth.  Who can you believe?  Those who respect life.  The only test you need.  Life is good.  A truth.  Start there.  The truth will set you free.