a missing word 

A Kingdom of God – 

A reference to the millennium.  The word “kingdom” cannot be found in Chapter 20 .  It is not the “reign of Christ”.  They “reigned with Christ”.  A thousand years has a beginning and an end.  The Kingdom of God will not end.  Way too many think the thousand years will begin with the Second Coming.  They need to check history.  The first place to look.   

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a misinterpretation 

A Premillennialist – 

A thousand year “Reign of Christ”.  They “reigned with Christ” is what is in the bible.  That is a big difference.  Look for a thousand years where they reigned with Christ.  They did the reigning in a Christian empire that lasted a thousand years.  Like the Byzantine Empire.  It’s the only one.  Check it out.  It fits with the other numbers.  And colors.  

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