a thousand 

A Big Number 

A place to start.  A thousand years is real.  A time when they reigned with Christ.  He promised to be with us when we gather in His name.  If they were reigning when they gathered in His name, they reigned with Christ.  That was the case with the Byzantine Empire, a Christian empire, that lasted a thousand years.  

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a connection with history 

A Number  

A reliable connection between prophecy and history.  Your interpretation not so much.  All the different translations of the bible seem to agree on numbers.  Especially a “thousand years” when they reigned with Christ.  Not the “reign of Christ” which will get over 5 million hits on the internet.  Not so much with the bible.  0 Bible results for “”reign of Christ”.”  Something to think about.  

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a missing word 

A Kingdom of God 

A reference to the millennium.  The word “kingdom” cannot be found in Chapter 20 .  It is not the “reign of Christ”.  They “reigned with Christ”.  A thousand years has a beginning and an end.  The Kingdom of God will not end.  Way too many think the thousand years will begin with the Second Coming.  They need to check history.   

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a number 

A Reliable Connection 

A translation problem, with so many different bibles, is further aggravated by interpretation issues that force most prophecies into the future.  Numbers  are the only way to reliably connect historical events to what has been prophesied.  Start with a big number like a thousand years.  There is only one where they reigned with Christ.  The Byzantine Empire.  

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