a black horse 

A Black Sea 

A pair of balances in his hand.  The rider is Marx the father of communism that is the second greatest threat to the Church.  Communism was also a problem for Islam.  The pair of scales replaces the free market and eliminates the profit motive.  Both Russia and China proved that it didn’t work.  

Home 20


a raid on freedom 

A Judge Approved 

A transition to a new world order like Russia and China.  Freedom of religion and speech may suffer.  The spirit of Vatican 2 recognized the importance of the laity.  Only the teachings of the Church protect your freedom and only the laity can protect the Church.  Time to do something.  


a freedom protected 

A More Perfect Union 

A necessary appreciation.  If you are reading, thank a teacher.  If you are reading the bible, thank a soldier.  Your religion must be defended.  Your religion protects your speech and that protects your freedom.  It is the opium of the people.  Marx understood the significance of religion.  Don’t replace it with social justice.  They did that in Russia and China.  


a time to speak out

A Defense Of Freedom 

A crusade against communism.  A time to join a new world forum and address the threat to both Church and State.  You can believe Marx when he said religion is the only thing standing in his way as in Russia and China.  We can’t rely on the Church because She has been infiltrated by marxism and homosexuality.