a seal 

A Horse  

A color of a sea.  A location.  A clue.  White, Red, and Black seas.  A new approach to identifying the four horsemen.  The Red and Black seas are almost obvious.  The White sea not so much except for the fact that the Mediterranean sea is also known as the white sea.  Constantine is from the Mediterranean aka white sea.   

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a seal opened 

A Lamb Of God 

A worthy Lamb.  Who knows the worthy Lamb of God?  Who can open the seals?  John the Apostle knows John the Baptist who “bare record” and knows the Lamb of God who is worthy to open the seals.  The time was near for the first coming and John the Baptist was preparing the way.  He wrote the first Apocalypse.  


a seal opened 

A Prophecy Revealed In History 

A connection with numbers and colors.  All the different translations have something in common.  In spite of their differences they agree on numbers and colors.  They somehow survived all attempts to interpret the Word of God but they have been symbolized which may not help.  


a prediction 

A Veiled Prophecy 

A revelation of what is to come.  Sealed by Daniel but not by John.  The future is not ours to know but history can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  How?  With numbers and colors.  All the translators seem to agree on these words if not their meaning.