a revelation 

A Testimony of Jesus Christ – 

“bare record”.  It was John the Baptist “who bare record”.  It was John the Apostle who wrote “to the seven churches”.  It was John Chrysostom, “who also am your brother”, who was in Ephesus when Jerome was finishing his Vulgate and needed a reliable copy of the Apocalypse.  Three Johns.  Really.  

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a historian 

A History of the Church – 

A dog that didn’t bark.  Eusebius never associates the churches with the Apocalypse.  He does mention six of the seven churches but does not connect them with the Apocalypse.  Since Victorinus has the same problem, it suggests that there may have been a version of the Apocalypse that didn’t have the seven churches.   

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a message for the times 

A Revelation –

A prophecy fulfilled.  A history connected with numbers.  Listen if you have an ear.  Do not give up.  You must overcometh.  Be not afraid of them which kill the body. Only fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  It’s good news.  You might be saved if you persevere.  Find out what the Spirit saith unto the churches.  Listen if you have an ear.  

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a third revelation 

A Brother on Patmos –

A third John who was in Ephesus when Jerome was finishing his Vulgate that included the Apocalypse.  At the time it was not clear if it would be.  Jerome had to be convinced that it was written by the Apostle.  John Chrysostom was in Ephesus replacing seven bishops at the beginning of the fifth century.  

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