a message for the times 

A Revelation –

A prophecy fulfilled.  A history connected with numbers.  Listen if you have an ear.  Do not give up.  You must overcometh.  Be not afraid of them which kill the body. Only fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  It’s good news.  You might be saved if you persevere.  Find out what the Spirit saith unto the churches.  Listen if you have an ear.  

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a special time 

A Day For Our Lord 

A necessary repentance.  In the Spirit on the Lord’s day.  A time for our Lord.  A full stop.  A time to reflect.  Meditate on what we are all about.  Meaning.  Purpose.  Am I in the right lane?  Should I stay in this lane?  Who and what am I following?  Think about that.  Listen to what God wants.  Watch for the signs.  Speak the truth.  


a testimony 

A Revelation 

A preparation for what is to come.  John the Baptist prepared the way for the first coming.  Who is preparing for the second coming?  The Laity.  Vatican 2 gives us the authority in Lumen Gentium 36.  This is the “spirit of Vatican 2” that we can use to reach all nations.  


a hijack 

A Look At The Spirit Of Vatican 2 

A door left open.  Who is minding the store?  They made a few changes.  The most significant change is still a secret.  The laity is in charge of the world.  Does that include the Church?  Yes. The laity “will open wider the doors of the Church”.  What happened to the narrow gate?  Let’s close the door and clean house.  We are in charge.  


a prophecy 

A Sealed Revelation 

A key to understanding.  Only He can open the book and break the seven seals.  Only history can verify the fulfillment of prophecy and only numbers and colors can connect them.  Start with a big number like a thousand years and see if it fits with the smaller ones.  Interpreting what has been translated is not reliable.  

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