a prophecy 

A Revelation 

A testimony of Jesus Christ.  Blessed is he that readeth.  Augustine read it.  “Why then read it if only to keep silence about it?”  Understanding it is a challenge.  You may not have time for this.  You may not have that much time.  It’s later than you think.  You may need help understanding it.  Ask for it.  

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a transition 

A New World Order 

A planet protected.  Life is the enemy.  Common sense is no longer common.   Transense has replaced it.  The transmission is converting everyone to a new religion.  Silence.  If you see something, don’t say something.  You may not understand the transition.  Keep it to yourself.  


a testimony 

A Bishop 

necessary revelation.  This bishop would not stay silent.  The laity must now wonder what is going on deep inside the Church.  The other bishops will continue in their silence.  Asking questions and seeking answers is now a job for the laity.  Homosexuality and money has corrupted the leaders inside the Church.  Call it clericalism.  


a work of satan 

A Silence 

A witness will speak out.  Like a lit candlestick in the darkness.  The lie can’t handle the truth.  The crusade to restore the Church starts with you.  What that looks like depends on you.  If you have an ear, listen to those who are already speaking out and watch what they do.  


a gun 

A Bible 

A defense of freedom.  Cling to your bible and gun.  Life, Marriage, and Family must be protected.  You can’t trust those who promote abortion.  You can’t trust those who talk about climate change and racism.  This is not a time to be silent.  Speak out.  You can’t just pray.  Do something.  


a fear 

A Lack Of Faith 

A threat to freedom.  Be not afraid.  Fear only the destruction of the soul.  The second death.  The mask won’t save you.  The vaccine won’t save you.  Your faith can.  This you can believe.  They will use fear to take away your freedom, your guns, and your religion.  Silence will not save you.  Your faith will.  Believe.  Be not afraid.