a social justice 

A New Religion 

A cure for guilt.  There, there.  There is a pill for what ales you.  Prove that you care.  You may not be a victim but caring will satisfy or at least pay for the fact that you are one of the privileged few.  Social justice demands it.  Get the ribbon that proves you care.  And move to a safer place.  



a family problem 

A Discomfort For Others 

A simple solution.  Make everyone uncomfortable.  Social justice demands it.  Destroy the family by destroying life.  Just eliminate God.  The rest is easy.  Life is where you can draw the line.  It could be the common denominator.  Everyone wants to improve their life by getting others to respect it.  Just respect life.  


a gender agenda 

Mad Mickey Mouse

A disordered duck.  Boys and girls of all ages are confused.  Parents can’t be trusted.  Mom and dad cancelled.  Equity for all.  Math is hard.  So is reading and writing but our children will know how to organize to get their fair share.  Get in line.  Teachers will make it all better.  The new religion.  Social justice for all.  


a fear of the future 

A Lack Of Faith In The Past 

A successful move to replace religion with social justice.  Actually caring has replaced justice.  Just caring about climate change and racism seems to rule the day.  Being successful comes with a certain amount of guilt about those who aren’t.  The false charity pill is prescribed for that.  Fear is contagious.  


a verdict 

A Decision To Riot 

A disordered sense of justice.  A fake media stirring a pot of hatred that is ready to boil over.  Playing the race card.  Somehow this must be affecting climate change.  They are all lies in the name of social justice.  Law and order is being replaced by mob rule.  


a routine 

A Tradition 

A no brainer.  It’s orthodox.  A proven process.  A standard that has always worked.  Along comes social justice to remind us that we are not perfect and in order to achieve perfection we must get rid of everything that has worked in the past.  Hang on to what you have.  Don’t drink the kool aid. Stay the course.  


a consequence not intended 

A Belief That Something Must Be Done Now 

A forced social justice based on equality.  They care.  You can’t deny it.  You can’t question their intentions or their methods because something must be done now.  We can’t leave it the way it is even though the cure may be worse.  We don’t have time to consider the possible consequences of our actions.  Something must be done now.