a liar in charge 

Class Struggle

A clear priority.  Abortion, climate change, and racism.  We got this.  Knowing the enemy is the first step.  Religion is the enemy.  That promotes freedom.  A faith in a higher power.  Only social justice can replace it.  Let them decide what is wrong and let them take care of it.  They will.  You won’t have to do a thing.  



a social justice 

A New Religion 

A new look for an old Church.  The bishops are leading the way.  The CCHD is helping poor people to organize.  Not to create jobs but to obtain their fair share of what is being produced.  The marxists have a great distribution system.  Get in line.  You will get what you need but only after you give up what you have.  Freedom and Truth.  


a social distance 

A Socialist 

A social injustice.  There ought to be a law.  There is but it is racist so it can be ignored in the name of social justice.  You have to be carefully taught.  Life, Marriage, and Family are racist concepts.  Like climate change, racism is what you should be worried about.  The media and our schools are promoting this.  


a marxist 

A Communist 

a socialist all worship at the climate change church.  They all promote racism.  They all support abortion.  They all vote for Democrats.  Life, marriage, and family are not part of their agenda.  Nor is religious liberty.  Nor is liberty.