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A Place For Reason And Logic 

A source of knowledge.  Watch and listen.  It’s hard to find those who are well informed, passionate, and articulate.  You may not agree with them but you should be aware of what they are saying.  Get enlightened.  Matt Fradd – Joe Rogan  – Jordan Peterson – Fr. Mark Goring  – Michael Voris  – Bishop Barron  – 



a perfect storm 

A Funding For War With Oil Dependence 

A weakness exposed.  The fear of climate change has created a very dangerous situation.  Shutting down our sources of oil combined with a perceived weakness due to our Afghanistan  withdrawal has resulted in a potential nuclear war.  An unintended consequence for sure but nevertheless an unforced error.  


a freedom fighter 

A Trucker In Canada 

A citizen of Ukraine.  They are not worried about climate change or racism.  Are you worried about the price at the pump?  Buy more oil from Russia Biden.  They need more money to attack their neighbor.  Biden knows what is important.  His people tell him and won’t let him take any more questions.  


a source of oil 

A Deal With Russia 

A necessary sanction on our sources will continue.  BUT.  We are still buying oil from Russia.  We really know how to hurt them.  Climate change is the real enemy.  Everyone is being asked to do their part.  Unity will strengthen the cause.  Because darkness can’t handle the light.  Put it “under a bushel”.  OR.  Just buy oil from Russia!  


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A Book 

is the key that opens the door to understanding.  Prior to the internet, books were our only source as to what happened before us.  Books used in this research can be found here.  The need for a bibliography is now almost obsolete when a hyperlink can take you right to the source. 

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