a critical election 

A Threat To Democracy

A harvested ballot.  They need drop boxes to store them.  Lots of them.  They don’t know exactly how many they will need.  They do know they will need extra time to find them and count them.  They are not secure.  That requires a date, a signature, and a voter ID.  



a manipulation of an election 

A Zuckerberg Funding 

A four hundred million donation to CTCL.  This was not investigated by the DOJ.  The DOJ is investigating the election investigation in Arizona.  They did not investigate Jesse’s trailer but they did investigate his family.  The DOJ may have  to investigate the election investigations in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  


a closed school 

A Border Opened 

A consequence of ballot harvesting.  Voting is now so easy.  Dates, signatures, and identification restricted your right to vote.  Now all you have to do is ignore how it is done.  H.R. 1 passed the house without any help from the Republicans.  Ballot harvesting will become the law of the land.  You won’t have to do anything.  They will do it for you.  How easy is that?