a new evangelism 

A Laity On The Internet 

A Vatican 2 proposal.  Barron created a firestorm when he said, “not my job”.  It was based on Vatican 2.  It is the job of the laity to protect not the statue of Padre Serra but to protect the teachings of the Church.  Vatican 2 gave us the authority to replace our pathetic bishops and evangelize.  Our job is to “witness unto all nations” now.  



a truth 

A Thing That Doesn’t Change 

A Church built on a rock.  The people change.  The teachings can’t.  Life.  Marriage.  Family.  The gates of hell shall not prevail.  Will the laity?  We can’t rely on the bishops.  A new sheriff is in town and he is not a cleric.  Pray for us Michael.  Give us the courage to speak out.  Stand firm.  Resist change.  


a prophetess 

A Woman Called Jezebel 

A letter to the church in Thyatira.  Fornication promoted by feminism is destroying Life, Marriage, and Family.  Homosexuality has corrupted the Church from within.  The teachings haven’t changed.  They are just being ignored by those who would change them if they could.  


a teacher 

A Marxist Tool 

A child is our front line protecting our freedom.  It should be fathers, family, and faith protecting our freedom.  What happened to fathers?  Family?  Lack of faith.  The teachings of the Church on Life, Marriage, and Family are not being taught.  Francis is working with China which may improve our schools.  


a marxist agenda 

A Contagious Virus 

A school that spreads it.  The teachers are already infected and have limited immunity.  They infect our children.  The real target is family and religion identified by Marx as the real threat to equality.  Religion had to be eliminated to bring about a communist society.  Why? Call it freedom.  The teachings of the Church protect freedom.   


a family 

A Trinity 

A family made in Their Image.  Every child starts out with a mother and a father.  A trinity.  A father matters.  Protect the child.  Protect religious freedom.  The teachings of the Church protect Life, Marriage, and Family.  The truth will prevail but only if it is taught by the laity.