a distraction 

A Focus On Abortion 

A confusion with issues.  Don’t let crime, inflation, or even climate change change your view on what is important.  The FBI is not distracted and will continue to focus on the threat of pro life domestic terrorists.  With the coming election there will be attempts to change what is really important.  



a truth decay 

A Drilling Ban 

A pain when you chew on the lie.  We have plenty of Fentanyl for the pain and the FBI has plenty of energy to investigate pro life terrorists.  There is plenty left to do like voting for those responsible for all this.  They need your vote so they can continue doing what they are doing.  What a country.  


a fear of covid 

A Chance To Increase Control 

A truth lost.  It is not just freedom lost.  Truth is the real victim.  Only you can save the Truth by standing up and speaking every chance you get.  You might be accused of being a domestic terrorist.  Thank you Garland.  Thank you McConnell for keeping him off the supreme court and putting Amy Coney Barrett on.  


a domestic terrorist 

A Resistance to Government Control 

A vicious attack on anyone who resists.  If you are opposed to mandates or excessive spending, be prepared to encounter the big bully.  Climate change and racism are the real issues.  If you don’t agree, they will come after you.  Get with the program to show that you really care.