a testimony 

A Revelation – 

A purely Jewish composition if you take away the churches and the name of Jesus, which is mentioned only 12 times.  Lamb is mentioned 27 times.  John the Baptist knew the Lamb of God.  John the Apostle knew that.  He also knew Jesus and the churches.  He also knew about the followers of the Baptist in Ephesus.  

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a testimony 

A Servant John – 

A bare record.  A revelation for those who have an ear.  Listen for the time is near for the second coming.   Two thousand years ago the time was near for the first coming.  John the Baptist was preparing the way for the Lamb of God.  The word “lamb” can be found 27 times in the Apocalypse.  Think about that.  It was about the Lamb.  

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a time to read 

A Testimony 

A reason to trust what is written.  All translations agree on numbers and colors.  Not so much with other words.  The writers were inspired.  The translators not so much.  Too many different versions.  Too many different interpretations.  Who or what can you trust?  Numbers and colors are faithful and true.  Use them to connect history with prophecy.  


a presence 

A Witness For The Truth 

A lit candle in the darkness.  Start by showing up where and when it is necessary.  A witness is one who can testify.  Speak the truth always especially when the enemy is trying to cancel it.  The teachings of the Church are not being changed.  They are just being ignored.   Defend the Church.  His Church.  His teachings.