a patriarch 

Christian Empire – 

A bishop extraordinaire was in Ephesus to replace seven corrupt bishops at the beginning of the fifth century.  John Chrysostom, who never quoted the Apocalypse, could not ignore what John the Apostle may have left there.  At that time Jerome could have been looking for a reliable copy of the Apocalypse.  He was finishing the Vulgate.  

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a brother 

A Third John – 

A companion in tribulation.  Chrysostom was in Ephesus replacing seven corrupt bishops.  He could have gone to Patmos for the word of God.  He must have known about Jerome who was translating the bible and that many believed the Apocalypse didn’t belong in the bible unless of course it was written by the Apostle.  He could find out.  


John the Apostle

A Second John 

knows who bare record.  John the Apostle also knows the followers of the Baptist in Ephesus mentioned in Acts 19.  He added the churches, Antipas, and Jesus.  The Apostle confirmed that Jesus was the Lamb mentioned 27 times in the Apocalypse.  

Watch for more pieces that fit.  Blessed is the one who looks.