a beast in the making 

A Problem With The Temple 

A beast of Daniel is “diverse from all the beasts”.  What makes a beast of Daniel diverse?  The Temple.  Jesus called it the “abomination of desolation”.  So what is in the “holy place” now?  The Dome of the Rock.  Don’t mess with the Temple.  We know about the moneychangers.  Don’t mess with His Church.  



a history of the bible 

A Canon 

A redaction at the turn of the fifth century.  Jerome defined the bible when he finished the Vulgate which would become the official bible of the Church. It contains the oldest existing copy of the Apocalypse.  We can only speculate on what it looked like before that time based on other older existing documents.  

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a reason to believe 

A Reasonable Explanation 

A history of the Apocalypse.  John Chrysostom was in Ephesus when Jerome was finishing the Vulgate.  It would become the official bible of the Church.  It would confirm once and for all that the Apocalypse belonged in the bible.  Before that the jury was out.  Chrysostom was just one of those who didn’t accept the Apocalypse.  What could be the reason?  

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a pale horse 

A Rider Named Death 

A chastisement for ignoring the teachings of the Church.  The sanctity of life, marriage, and family are being replaced by concerns about climate change.  The child needs a father, a family, and a reason to defend the Church that protects the Truth.  The Truth about life, marriage, and family.  Save the Church.  Save the Truth and your freedom.  

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a time to wonder 

A Reason For Hope 

A First Coming.  Prepare for the Way, the Truth, and the Light.  Life.  Life is Good.  Marriage is sacred.  Family is the way to protect the child.  The Church is the way to protect the truth.  The laity is the way to protect the Church.  We all have a job to do.  The Lord is your Shepherd.  He will guide you.  Your way will be clear.  


a color

A Threat to the Church 

A clue.  A corresponding sea color.  Islam and Communism are the two greatest threats to the Church.  History records this.  Marx called religion the opium of the people.  Millions of christians had to die.  The churches had to go.  Come and see what Russia and China had to do.  Come and see marxism in the Church today.  


to hell with the people 

A Smaller Church 

is necessary to protect the Truth.  Who can be saved without a place to go to find the Truth.  Mercy mercy mercy will save no one who hasn’t repented.  Who hasn’t admitted to being wrong.  You should have known but made no effort to find the Truth, the Way, and Life.