a university 

A Safe Place For Those Who Cannot Argue 

A place for formation of posterity where social justice replaces religion and critical thinking.  Changing a religious university into a secular one only takes time.  “People generally quarrel because they cannot argue.”  A good argument requires reason, logic, and common sense.  Think about that.  Thinking is critical.  



a thinking man 

A Time for Everything 

A doubt explored.  We all have doubts.  Few have the time to explore them.  We needed to take a time out.  Where?  On the field.  Oh.  Covid gave us that time out.  A time out to question our values.  A time to change our game plan.  For way too many it was a time to increase their control over others.  Freedom suffered.  An important value.  


a missing blogger 

A Catholic Thinker 

a young one.  Don’t know what happened to The Catholic Thinker but he left us some really good material.  The best part is knowing that young people are still getting the true message.  While few in number, the young laity know how to use modern technology to get the good news out to all nations.