a major storm 

A Lifeboat For Women And Children 

A broken family.  Many fathers are missing in action.  The village is replacing the family.  Men need not apply.  The feminists are manning the lifeboats.  They are also in charge of the gender problem that children are facing.  Body manipulation is now available for all ages while men look the other way.   



a discomfort 

A Normal Threat 

A social justice to the rescue.  Not meeting the standard is so embarrassing.  Don’t overstate the importance of a father.  A man can be replaced and even changed into a woman.  It’s the new normal.  A balanced approach.  Only a pair of balances can bring equity to all.  Social justice demands it.   C’mon man.  


a social justice 

A New Religion 

A cure for guilt.  There, there.  There is a pill for what ales you.  Prove that you care.  You may not be a victim but caring will satisfy or at least pay for the fact that you are one of the privileged few.  Social justice demands it.  Get the ribbon that proves you care.  And move to a safer place.  


a cheap shot 

A Teacher Protected 

A teacher union.  A teacher agenda.  Racism and Transgenderism.  Who is watching your kid?  What are their priorities?  What are yours?  Life, marriage, and family.  Protect the child.  At birth, before, and after.  It all starts with life.  Start there.  


a message of hope 

A Morning Memo 

A common theme.  Help Is on the Way.   A transfer of wealth, 1.9 trillion, from some to others.  Empathy at last.  Someone cares.  There there.  Not so much when it comes to religious freedom.  If you have issues with transgenderism, better keep it to yourself.  H.R.5 – Equality Act may soon become the law of  the land.  Will the bishops speak out about this?  Like they do about abortion?  It will take courage. Some have it.  Others not so much.  


a vote for freedom 

A Catholic Vote 

a restriction on speech and beliefs.  Hate speech?  Your religious beliefs regarding LGBT issues can be considered hate speech.  A court decides what kind of cakes a baker makes.  Parents lose control of their children’s gender. Regardless of your beliefs you can be forced to participate in and/or pay for abortion.  

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