a job to do 

A Mission Possible 

A chance to prove yourself.  You are the laity and Vatican 2 placed the burden on you.  Call it a crusade.  Only you can protect the Church.  Only the Church can protect the Truth.  Find a quiet place and time and you will find what your mission is.  Find your neighbor.  Find the Truth.  Life is the Way.  


a time to show up 

A Minimum Requirement 

A time to listen if you have an ear.  What can you do?   Just show up and listen.  Let the Spirit move you.  We all have a job to do.  Find a quiet place and listen.  There is a reason, a purpose, and a meaning.  It is knowable.  It will be revealed to you.  You have to believe that and hope for understanding.  The wise shall understand.  


a crusade 

A Spirit Of Vatican 2 

A Church to be repaired by the laity.  It’s not just another crisis.  It could be the beginning of the end.  Life is the Way to protect the Truth.  Start with Life.  Protect Life.  Protect the teachings of the Church.  Protect the Church.  Life, Marriage, and Family are being replaced by social justice.  Only the laity stand in the way.  


a sign of life 

A Way To Truth 

A common belief.  A respect for life.  A social justice.  A place to start.  Let there be Life and He saw that it was good.  We shall see it in everyone we meet.  We see it in animals.  We see it in plants.  Life is good.  Social justice begins with life.  A way to Truth for everyone.  Watch for the signs along the way.  They will lead us to the Truth.  And freedom.  


a search for meaning 

A Definition Of Truth 

A failure to communicate.  Just like Babel.  Can’t agree on truth.  What about life?  Life may be the way to truth.  Something we have in common.  We all have life and would like it respected.  Respect life.  Easier to define.  The opposite of death.  If we can’t get that right, we will have a hard time getting to the truth.  A place to start.  


a tree of life 

A Book Of Life 

“water of life”.  Life is good.  We are not here to save the world.  The world is here so we might be saved.  We can’t let others set our priorities.  If it’s not life, what is it?  It’s an easy choice.  Life or chaos.  Freedom is not chaos.  Freedom is making choices based on values.  Life like truth must be tested.  It’s not a choice.