a mess in the making 

A Suggestion By Francis 

pope that needs help making a mess.  The job of the laity is to clean it up.  Somehow the spirit of Vatican 2 suggests this.  Marian apparitions predict this.  So what can the laity do besides pray?  Stay and defend the teachings of the Church.  The truth must be repeated as often as the lie.  



a raid on freedom 

A Judge Approved 

A transition to a new world order like Russia and China.  Freedom of religion and speech may suffer.  The spirit of Vatican 2 recognized the importance of the laity.  Only the teachings of the Church protect your freedom and only the laity can protect the Church.  Time to do something.  


a job to do 

A Mission Possible 

A chance to prove yourself.  You are the laity and Vatican 2 placed the burden on you.  Call it a crusade.  Only you can protect the Church.  Only the Church can protect the Truth.  Find a quiet place and time and you will find what your mission is.  Find your neighbor.  Find the Truth.  Life is the Way.  


a crusade 

A Spirit Of Vatican 2 

A Church to be repaired by the laity.  It’s not just another crisis.  It could be the beginning of the end.  Life is the Way to protect the Truth.  Start with Life.  Protect Life.  Protect the teachings of the Church.  Protect the Church.  Life, Marriage, and Family are being replaced by social justice.  Only the laity stand in the way.