a regret 

A Progressive 

A second thought.  Benedict XVI Admits Qualms of Conscience about Vatican II.  In the text, Benedict XVI admits to have been a “Progressive” at the time of the Second Vatican Council.  Ratzinger reflects on his role in the second Vatican council.  Others like Vigano now question what is now called the spirit of Vatican 2.  



Carlo Maria Viganò

A Bishop 

who exposed the corruption.  His Testimony released in August of 2018 has been verified.  All attempts to discredit Vigano have failed.  With few exceptions we now know that the pope, the cardinals, and the bishops cannot be trusted.  Homosexuals are in control of the Church.  All we can do is expose them for what they are.  Can the Church be saved?  We have to believe what Jesus said, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  It is now time to do whatever you can do to help save the Church.  Your salvation may depend on it.  


the butler did it

A Crisis in the Church 

that you can’t ignore.  Benedict must have directed his butler to leak the information.  It was a way of exposing the corruption.  The homosexuals were in control and all he could do was expose them before he was forced out.  Benedict and Vigano got the information to us and now it is our job to do something about it.  What you must do will depend on your situation.  Your salvation will depend on what you do.