a voting system 

A Modem Chip 

A connection to the internet.  Buried in the Michigan report on unregistered ballots is a story about ES&S DS200.  This Dominion voting system was used in Michigan and can be connected to the internet in case there are problems with it on election day.  Jim Crow didn’t have stuff like this.  



a city can flip a state 

A Democrat Stronghold 

A pallet of ballots not secured.  Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia.  These four cities can control the ballot count of their states.  Observers are restricted.  Special voting machines provide an early count of how many special ballots will be needed.  This is only needed in swing states to control the election.  


a voting machine 

A Connection to the Internet 

A harvest of ballots without date and signature control in unsecured drop boxes not properly observed.  Voting machines similar to those used in Venezuela could not only flip the vote count but could also provide an early estimate of how many provisional ballots would be necessary.  Certain ballots would not be used unless needed.  


a mask 

A Sign of the Times 

A new year with an old problem.  Let them work.  Let them go to school.  Let them take their chances.  Let them vote by mail with drop boxes and without observers.  With machines connected to the internet and Venezuela.  Many will move out of the cities but will continue to vote there with masks.