a difficult time 

A Comfort by Reading –

A Blessing for he that overcometh.  Blessed is he that readeth, watcheth, and keepeth what has been prophesied.  That is not to say we shouldn’t work to make it better but not to be discouraged by what seems to be a hopeless situation.  Never despair but if you do, work on in despair.  The time is near.    

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a sign 

A Watch Warning – 

A shame exposed.  If you have an ear, listen to the warnings.  Watch for the signs.  You may wonder what you can do besides pray.  Listen, watch, and speak out.  Silence validates the lie and you will be held accountable for what you don’t do.  Don’t bury your talent.  Don’t hide your candle under a bushel.  Do what is right.  


a special time 

A Day For Our Lord 

A necessary repentance.  In the Spirit on the Lord’s day.  A time for our Lord.  A full stop.  A time to reflect.  Meditate on what we are all about.  Meaning.  Purpose.  Am I in the right lane?  Should I stay in this lane?  Who and what am I following?  Think about that.  Listen to what God wants.  Watch for the signs.  Speak the truth.  


a prophecy 

A Connection To History 

A reliable interpretation.  Numbers and colors that all translators agree on are the only reliable confirmation of prophecy fulfilled in history.  Nothing else can be trusted and that certainly includes your interpretation which is no better than the others.  Numbers and colors found in prophecy can be found in history.  Just need to look.  


a hidden agenda 

A Threat To Democracy 

A common belief.  We all agree that freedom can be lost with the next election but for different reasons.  What will they do if elected?  Forget what they say.  Look at what they have done.  Watch what they do.  Watch what the FBI is doing.  Who are they going after?  Now vote for them.  


a little boy 

Man Up

A military man.  Defend us this day.  Clean up your act.  Start with your room.  Start with your head.  Show up.  You get 80% for just being there.  You may not know what to do or say.  Just being where you should be is a good start.  You are what you eat.  What you watch and listen to.  Choose well.  C’mon man.  


a work of satan 

A Silence 

A witness will speak out.  Like a lit candlestick in the darkness.  The lie can’t handle the truth.  The crusade to restore the Church starts with you.  What that looks like depends on you.  If you have an ear, listen to those who are already speaking out and watch what they do.