a second death 

A Life Eternal 

A consequence of the choices we make.  Beware of the second death.  Fear only God who can destroy the soul.  He knows your works.  You are what you do.  Talk is cheap.  Walk the talk and avoid the second death.  You can live forever with God.  Just readeth, watcheth, keepeth and overcometh.  

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a time for silence 

A Time to Listen 

A time to speak.  A time to make a difference.  A time for accountability.  A time to ignore the reality of what is going on around us.  A time for prayer.  A time to ask for guidance.  A time for serenity.  A moderation.  A balance.  A choice.  You are what you eat.  You are what you listen to.  You are what you watch.  You are what you do.  


a prophecy 

A Revelation 

A hope for the future.  A history of what has come to pass.  Now we all have a job to do.  Listen to what it is.  In a quiet place.  Away from all the noise.  If you have an ear, you will hear what you have to do.  The Lord is your shepherd.  He will guide you.  He knows your works.  He knows you can’t bear the evil.  


a test for liars 

A Word Not Found In Some Bibles 

A letter to the church in Ephesus.  He knows your works.  You may not find the word “test” in your bible.  We need to test our leaders.  They may be liars.  We are being tested.  What we do as well as what we say is being tested.  We need to test what is being said.  Are we being lied to?