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A Whore – 

A hatred thereof.  The Ottoman Empire, the tenth dynasty of Islam, ended the Byzantine Empire by attacking Constantinople where they reigned with Christ a thousand years.  It started with the fifth of the seven  dynasties of the Roman Empire.  Check the numbers: a thousand, 666, ten, seven, and five.  Numbers can verify your interpretation.  

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a mark 

A Beginning – 

A start, a date, a year, a number.  666  Look for number in Daniel.  It refers to years.  So what happened in the year 666?  Nothing.  Historians are careful about that year.  Dating is difficult without a calendar.  A date is the most common mark on a product.  Its origin.  So what started in 666?  What calendar should we use?  

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a year 

A Mark – 

A beginning.  A date is the most common mark on any product sold today.  Consider 666 as a mark or a date.  What happened in that year?  What calendar?  The Gregorian started in 1582 or the Julian starting at 44 BC or the Islamic calendar starting in 622?  Consider them all.  

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a number 

A Reliable Word – 

A consistent interpretation.  Numbers are one of the few things all 60 English versions of the bible agree on.  They all agree on “a thousand years”, 666, “ten horns”, and “seven heads” .  Can we find historical events that have all these numbers in a meaningful way?  Start with the biggest number.  A thousand years.  

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