a whore 

A Great City –

A capital of an empire that lasted a thousand years.  Constantinople is Babylon the Great.  The Byzantine Empire lasted a thousand years and its capital was Constantinople.  At the start there were the seven dynasties of the Roman Empire.  At the end there was the tenth dynasty of Islam.  All the pieces fit.   

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a fit with history 

A Number –

A connection with prophecy.  Different interpretations have led to over 60 different English bible translations.  They all seem to agree on numbers.  They all agree on a thousand years, 666, ten horns, seven heads, and five are fallen.  Numbers can be used to connect history with prophecy which is the only way to verify the fulfillment of prophecy.  

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a reliable connection 

A Prophecy Fulfilled In History –

A number to connect them.  Numbers have survived translation errors and agenda driven interpretations.  Numbers can be reliably used to identify historical events that seem to fulfill prophecies.  Look for all the key numbers like a thousand, 666, ten, and seven.  See if they fit.  See if they make sense.  

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