Jerome needed 

A Reliable Copy 

of the Apocalypse.  “Perhaps the most telling argument against the apostolic authorship of the book is its omission from the Peshito, the Syrian Vulgate.” –  405 Jerome Completes the Vulgate  –  401 John Chrysostom was in Ephesus and he could be trusted.  Someone had to convince Jerome the Apocalypse was written by John the Apostle.  



we need 

A Bible 

you can trust.  That was Jerome’s job.  It is safe to say no two bibles were alike before Jerome so  it was his job to first find reliable copies of the books that belonged in the Bible before he could produce a reliable translation.  At that time it was not clear which ones belonged and that was especially true with the Apocalypse.  Before Jerome we don’t know what it looked like.  

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the Apocalypse 

A Revelation 

that the time is near.  The time was near for the first coming 2000 years ago.  The time is now near for the second.  All the signs are there.  Are you ready?  You may now have time to reflect.  Use it.  There is not much future left.  


why the Apocalypse? 

A Good Question 

that needs an answer.  Many believe it doesn’t belong in the Bible.  They don’t think it was written by John the Apostle.  John Chrysostom was one of them but he was in Ephesus at the beginning of the fifth century and he had a chance to maybe look at the originals. Before this we do not know what the Apocalypse looked like.  At this time Jerome was finishing the Vulgate which would become the official Bible of the Church.  

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He knows your works 

A Message 

to all seven churches.  No interpretation required here but that doesn’t stop some.  All they need is a wolf in sheep’s clothing to tell them that the message wasn’t meant for them.  We were warned about wolves but that does require some interpretation.  So does testing their fruit.  Test?  Is that word in your bible?  It should be.   

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be watchful 

A Command 

but most versions of the bible say “wake up”.  Watching is more meaningful than waking up.  Why can’t the translators agree about what has been written?  How can you study the bible knowing there are so many differences like this?  Maybe it is time to wake up.  

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A Guess 

based on what?  What would be a literal interpretation?  Have you looked at all 59 English translations?  Few have.  Most know they don’t agree so a literal interpretation is limited to a particular version.  You can’t trust the translators or anyone’s interpretation.  What can you trust?  Numbers.  

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not settled 

A Hypothetical View 

of the Apocalypse that fits what is historically known.  It relies on numbers and not interpretation.  There are over 50 English translations of the Bible and there is very little agreement except when it comes to numbers.  A thousand is a thousand.  Ten is always ten.  Seven is seven.  We may not know what “heads” are but we can be sure there are seven of them.  

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