A Purpose 

to reliably inform those who are being persecuted.  The good guys win in the end but in the mean time there will be suffering to overcometh.  Suffering is a necessary part of the test.  We are being tested.  Some bibles actually use the word ‘test‘.  Have you tested your bible?  

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does it fit? 

A Necessary Question 

when developing a reasonable explanation.  Speculation on the unknown must be consistent with what is known.  Why speculate?  Only the wise know and understand.  Many don’t want to know.  Don’t worry about them.  It is our job to know and understand.  

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connecting the dots 

A Necessary Thing 

to make sense of what we know.  There has been a lot of confusion over the Apocalypse.  Who wrote it?  When?  Why is it in the Bible?  To address what we don’t know, we must try to make  sense of what we do know.  We may be able to come up with a reasonable explanation.  

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three johns 

A Fact 

that demands some kind of explanation.  Have you heard one?  Probably not.  A reasonable explanation is there were three different Johns connected with the Apocalypse.  John the Baptist, John the Apostle, and John Chrysostom.  It fits with history.  Really.  

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pure speculation 

A Warning 

that you can’t believe what you find on the internet.  Duh?  So what can you believe?  A reasonable explanation when there is no alternative to a situation that demands an answer.  What is a reasonable explanation?  Something that is consistent with historical events.  

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where do you go for 

A Reliable Copy 

of the Apocalypse.  We know that John Chrysostom was in Ephesus when Jerome was finishing the Vulgate.  Who in Ephesus could be trusted?  Certainly not the seven bishops Chrysostom was replacing.  Jerome knew all the major players and must have known Chrysostom was someone you could trust. 

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