a key number 

A Beast That Was, Is Not, And Yet To Come 

A chapter with numbers.  Ten horns, seven heads, five are fallen, and two beasts.  Babylon the Great ties them all together.  Good luck counting kings.  If you count dynasties, five had fallen when John Chrysostom was in Ephesus replacing seven corrupt bishops.  He is your brother on Patmos.  


a great city 

A New Rome 

A perfect fit.  Unlike Rome, Constantinople has it all.  

– It has many waters 17:1
– It is a mystery 17:5
– It has seven hills 17:9
– It has trade 18:11
– It has fallen, fallen 18:2
– It can be found no more at all 18:21

With Constantinople you can check all the boxes.  


a great city 

A Mystery

A misinterpretation.  Even Peter knew he was in Babylon.  Some are still looking for his bones south of Baghdad.  That is the real mystery but Rome having seven hills was never a mystery.  The seven hills of Constantinople is still a mystery and likely to remain so.  It will never fit with their narrative.  

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