a christian empire 

A Big Part – 

A key to understanding the Apocalypse.  They reigned with Christ a thousand years.  The Byzantine Empire has all the pieces.  Babylon the Great.  Seven Heads.  Ten Horns.  Two Beasts.  All the pieces fit.  The numbers fit.  They fit with Daniel.  This is where you start.   

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a beast 

A Him Or An It – 

A translation problem.  Can you find the beast if you are looking for a “him” instead of an “it”?  In Revelation 13:1: 20 have “his horns”, 20 have “its horns”, 15 have “It had ten horns” .  We need Daniel 7:7 to clear this up.  “It had ten horns” is a clear winner.  You need to look for an “it” and not a “him” to find the beast.  It makes a difference.  

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