a commentary 

A History 

A witness to what no longer exists. What was Victorinus looking at when he wrote his commentary on the Apocalypse?  What was Eusebius looking at when he wrote his history of the Church?  We can only speculate based on what they wrote and what is reasonable.  Can we make sense of it?  

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a church history 

A Failure To Mention The Seven Churches 

A fourth century historian, Eusebius, mentions six of the seven churches but fails to associate them with the Apocalypse.  Early copies of the Apocalypse no longer exist but if they did they might not contain seven churches.  John the Baptist knew the “lamb” but not the churches. 


a look back 

A Church History 

A problem with the churches.  Eusebius mentions six of the seven churches of the Apocalypse but never associates them with the Apocalypse.  He doesn’t mention Antipas.  All this would be consistent with an earlier version of the Apocalypse written by John the Baptist.  Victorinus has a similar problem.  

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a history 

A Witness 

A Church History that includes six of the seven churches that John wrote to but Eusebius never associates them with the Apocalypse.  Victorinus doesn’t even mention them.  Is it possible there is a version of the Apocalypse that doesn’t include the seven churches?  It could be a reasonable explanation for what we are looking at.  

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a historian 

A History of the Church 

A dog that didn’t bark.  Eusebius never associates the churches with the Apocalypse.  He does mention six of the seven churches but does not connect them with the Apocalypse.  Since Victorinus has the same problem, it suggests that there may have been a version of the Apocalypse that didn’t have the seven churches.  

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