a pale horse 

Rider Named Death

A war beyond the pale in Ukraine.  The Pale of Settlement is the history of pale.  The Sea of Azov is the pale sea.  Marx is the rider of the black horse from the Black Sea.  Mohammed is the rider of the red horse from the Red Sea.  Constantine is the rider of the white horse from Aegean called the white sea.  



white red black

A Sea

 of color.  Red and black are interesting.  White not so much until you find out the Turks call the Mediterranean the white sea.  Now look for horse riders from the white, Red, and Black seas.  Red and Black are easy.  Mohammed and Marx, both enemies of Christianity.  The rider from the white sea may not be an enemy if you consider the bow a covenant and someone like Constantine who was the greatest friend of Christianity.  It’s a fit.  

Watch for more pieces that fit.  Blessed is the one who looks.

the four horsemen

A Color, Bow, Sword, Scale

power was given to conquer, kill, measure

*the turks consider the mediterranean  the white sea

search the bible for bow and the first hit is genesis 9:13 and you will find that it is a covenant between God and man – the rider of the white horse was given a crown – constantine is the best friend christianity ever had – he made the world safe for them and created an empire that would keep them safe –