a gathering 

A Reign With Christ – 

A communion.  When two or three are gathered in His Name, He is with them so if they happen to be reigning at the time, they will be reigning with Christ.  Not the reign of Christ which cannot be found in the bible.  Only on the internet.  Constantinople can be found no more at all.  It only lasted a thousand years.  Its light shines no more at all.  



a great city 

A Mystery 

a misinterpretation.  Even Peter knew he was in Babylon.  Some are still looking for his bones south of Baghdad.  That is the real mystery but Rome having seven hills was never a mystery.  The seven hills of Constantinople is still a mystery and likely to remain so.  It will never fit with their narrative.  

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a head 

A Horn 

a dynasty.  A premise.  Seven a key word in chapter 17 counting angels, vials, heads, mountains, and kings.  Good luck counting kings.  Historians count dynasties and Rome had seven.  It also had seven hills along with Constantinople, the New Rome.  Lots to consider here.  Just check the numbers.  

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