a major storm 

A Lifeboat For Women And Children 

A broken family.  Many fathers are missing in action.  The village is replacing the family.  Men need not apply.  The feminists are manning the lifeboats.  They are also in charge of the gender problem that children are facing.  Body manipulation is now available for all ages while men look the other way.   



a feminist 

A Right To Kill 

A necessary abortion.  Equity demands it.  Social justice demands it.  Life, Marriage, and Family are no longer sacred.  A good man is hard to find.  A good father is harder to find.  No problem.  Social justice is here to make it all better.  Climate change and racism is your focus.  And you will pay for it.  C’mon man.  


a father 

A Church 

A family.  What happened to the father?  Missing in action.  In the family.  In the Church.  

What happened to the men?  Feminism.  

Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame.  

And I know it’s my own damn fault.  

It’s time to man up, little boy.  


a love warrior 

A Best Seller 

A documentation on how feminism has destroyed the lives of so many women.  This is the kind of life you must live to get the necessary material for a best seller.  – “Love Warrior” –    Men will never understand but reading it might help.  Spoiler.  You don’t have to finish it.  Hopefully you don’t have to read it.   


a white man 

A Candidate for President 

A Catholic with a black woman for balance.  Racism is real but don’t forget about climate change, health care, and immigration.  You can forget about life because abortion is also on the ballot for the feminists.  You can also forget about the rigid dogma of religion.  That is so yesterday.  Today we must make everyone comfortable.  We can’t let dogma get in the way.  


a liberal judge 

A Supreme Court Judge 

a chance to replace her with a conservative judge.  Whether you call it a choice or killing babies, this will be a huge issue.  We are going to see just how important killing babies is for the Democratic Party.  The feminists will now produce many more mail in votes.  Not just for president but also for the senate.  The Post Office will be busy.  


a father 

A Crisis in the Church 

a priest, a man in the Church is as important as a man in the family.  Today men are hard to find anywhere.  They have been corrupted by feminism.  They vote like women who want the state to take care of them.  Keeping a man in the home in not as easy as voting for democrats who support abortion. 


a respect for authority 

A Father 

a family must have a father.  Don’t let the village raise your child.  Don’t get rid of the baby.  Don’t get rid of the father.  A father in the home is the best thing for your baby.  Don’t let the feminists distort your thinking.  The teachings of the Church protect the child.  The Church teaches the sanctity of life, marriage, and family.  


a vote for 

A Supporter of Abortion 

a baby killer makes.  Aiding and abetting the killing of babies makes you a baby killer.  Your vote for anyone in the Democratic Party makes you culpable.  Democrats, controlled by feminists, are keeping abortion legal.  So is your vote for any of them.  It’s your choice.