a democratic party 

A Transformation 

a catholic is turned into a baby killer.  Biden. Sotomayor. Pelosi. Cuomo. Feminists control the Democratic Party.  Abortion is at the top of their agenda.  Marxists, when they are not rioting, also support the Democratic Party.  Where else can they go?  Inside the Church.  Watch how the bishops agree with the Democrats.  Can you say climate change?  



a feminist 

A Catholic 

a supreme court justice wants you to pay for abortions regardless of your beliefs.  Thanks to Obama we have to deal with this feminist for years to come.  Don’t forget those who voted for democrats.  The Democratic Party has put four pro abortion justices on the court.  They believe in killing babies.  Do you?  


a court 

A Decision 

a religious freedom.  A victory for the Church.  No thanks to two thirds of the feminists on the court. They believe in abortion.  They believe we should help pay for the killing of babies.  No better than marxists who oppose the teachings of the Church regarding life, marriage, and family.  We must continue the fight for religious freedom.  


climate change 

A Scare 

for the children.  Really?  You can’t do anything about it but you can scare the children just to get votes for your baby killing party. Is there anything the femocrats won’t do?  There is a chance that Trump will replace Ginsburg.  They won’t let her retire.  Killing babies is that important.  


vote like 

A Man 

to increase order and minimize chaos.  We really don’t have enough men but don’t worry there are plenty of women who still vote like a man.  If you like chaos, you may be part of the problem.  If you are worried about climate change, you are definitely part of the problem.  Please don’t tell your kids.  They have enough to worry about and it might scare them.  


a femocrat is 

A Typo 

and the spell checker will put a red line under it unless you add it to your dictionary.  It is an easy mistake to make since the f is so close to the d.  Putting femocrat in the dictionary is a deliberate attempt to conflate the democrat with the feminist with all due respect for the Australians who are way ahead of us.  At least a half day.  


a blue church 

A Red Religion 

a war between the femocrats and the republimans.  Thanks to Jordan Peterson it is now a fair fight.  He brings reason, logic, scientific facts, and a scary mix of religion which automatically makes him an enemy of the left.  They thought Trump was a problem.  Now they have to deal with Jordan Peterson.    A Glitch in the Matrix.  



A Necessary Ingredient 

that can’t be avoided.  It can be minimized according to Jordan Peterson only if the individual can break free of collectivism.  Your first obligation is to yourself.  If you can’t take care of you, you will be used by them and they will bring you down to where you won’t be able to recognize yourself.  Feminism is a great example.  The system is rigged by patriarchy. You don’t have a chance until you elect more Democrats.  So instead of working as an individual to improve your situation, you must dedicate yourself to collectivism against the men who are in your way. Don’t buy into that kind of stuff.  Take care of yourself and only then can you take care of your family which is your second obligation.



A Crisis in the Church 

that you can’t ignore. Feminism has taken over the Democratic Party which protects the legality of abortion.  The bishops are also concerned about climate change and health care, issues which must be considered along with abortion.  It is not easy being a bishop these days.  It is not easy being a man and fighting to defend the Church that is under attack by the feminists.