a follower 

A Divider 

A family to hate.  Maybe this is what Francis was thinking when he changed the direction of the John Paul Institute on marriage and family.  Do we have to break up the family to get more to follow Jesus?  Maybe it is just a test to see who really cares.  There is not much left of the family.  They are following social justice instead of Jesus.  



a verdict 

A Decision To Riot 

A disordered sense of justice.  A fake media stirring a pot of hatred that is ready to boil over.  Playing the race card.  Somehow this must be affecting climate change.  They are all lies in the name of social justice.  Law and order is being replaced by mob rule.  


a fear of the unknown 

A New Curriculum 

A hatred being carefully taught.  Our children cannot read or write but they are being taught to fear climate change and hate racism.  We have the truths but they are not being taught.  We have laws but they are not being enforced.  Cling to your bible and gun.  We have religion and freedom but they are slipping away.  


a promised unity 

A Necessary Divide 

A trial that will identify who must be punished.  The supporters of Trump must be held accountable but first we have to identify them.  An impeachment trial may not unify us but it is hard to stop this hatred for Trump.  It must be passed on to his supporters who love him.  


a good vote 

A Vote for Life 

A Campaign against hate.  It is all about Trump.  You either love him or hate him.  Reality can be a scary thing.  A second Trump term is a real possibility.  Even Democrats are seeing this.  Why the hate?  What are they afraid of?  Amy?  What can Amy do to them?  Let me count the ways.  Her vote could re-elect Trump.  Her vote could overturn Roe v Wade.  Her vote could take away your health care.  How did this happen?  Get over it.  Life will go on.  Thank God.