a moneychanger 

A House Of Prayer 

A den of thieves.  Don’t get Jesus mad.  What are the moneychangers doing today?  Selling a luxury London building.  Moving money.  Becciu: Money transfers to Australia are ‘classified,’ unrelated to Pell trial.  Moving Pell.  Cardinal Pell says he ‘underestimated’ opponents to his Vatican financial reform attempts.  Call it clericalism.  



a testimony 

A Bishop 

necessary revelation.  This bishop would not stay silent.  The laity must now wonder what is going on deep inside the Church.  The other bishops will continue in their silence.  Asking questions and seeking answers is now a job for the laity.  Homosexuality and money has corrupted the leaders inside the Church.  Call it clericalism.  


a corruption 

A Church And State 

A restoration starts with the Church which must guide the state.  Just follow the money and sex.  A job for the laity.  The Church and Her teachings are threatened by something called “clericalism” which sounds a lot better than “money and sex”.  Only the laity can make it better.