a divided government 

A Race To Spend Money 

A permanent tax liability.  An inflated tax.  The cost of living.  This is not how you help the poor.  Making everything more expensive is not a problem for the rich.  Increasing the complexity of our tax system is not a problem for the rich.  Increasing debt is not a problem for the rich.  Increasing the debt is a problem for someone.  Someone will pay.   



a fake news icon 

A Bad News Biden 

A truth that is hard to ignore.  You can ignore the news but you can’t ignore groceries or the gas pump.  It is real.  Someone is going to pay.  You.  Even though the cost is zero.  The solution is to spend more money.  Your money.  Pass the bill.  Whatever you need is in that bill.  You have to trust them.  Bad News Biden.  


a mandate 

A Freedom Lost 

A fear driven agenda.  We are all going to die.  If covid doesn’t get you, climate change surely will.  You have to spend money you don’t have to save the world.  More money chasing fewer things.  Inflated claims lead to inflated prices.  The real cost is loss of freedom.  


a social dilemma 

A manipulation 

A realization that you can control people if you can control information.  Why not an election?  All you need is money and the ability to control ballots.  Call it harvesting.  If allowed some will cheat to control the outcome of an election.  Can you say Zuckerberg?  Can you say CTCL?  Can you say 400 million dollars?  Say it.  


wolves in sheep’s clothing 

A Crisis In The Church 

AKA as clericalism.  Something that will just take time to sort out.  Time and money.  First protect the money.  Bankruptcy. Transfer of funds. Secret investments.  Money laundering.  Next protect the players.  Move them around.  Silence everyone with whatever it takes.  Feed the wolves. 



A Necessary Evil 

that will lead to the real problem.  It’s called a second collection, a capital campaign, a charity, an appeal, etc.  We are called to be stewards.  That includes wondering where all the money is going.  Our trust cannot be blind.  Pay attention to what they are saying.  What they are asking for.  You can’t trust them with your kids.  Why should you trust them with your money?