a fifth dynasty 

A Beginning of an Empire 

A tenth dynasty ended it. Constantine started the fifth dynasty of the Roman Empire.  Constantinople fell to the tenth dynasty of Islam.  The Roman Empire had seven dynasties.  The beast had seven heads and ten horns.  Here are three numbers; 1000, 10, and seven that tie history to prophecy.  There are more like 666.  

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the ten horns

A horn – symbol of strength

the horns are dynasties*

the ten islamic dynasties

–  Prophet and Caliphs
–  The Ummayads
–  The Abbasids
–  Tulunid and Fatimid
–  Seljuks and Ayyubids
–  Ifriqiya and Sicily
–  Almoravid and Almohad
–  The Mughals
–  The Safavids
–  The Ottomans

the ten horns ties the second beast of the apocalypse to the fourth beast of daniel

these shall hate the whore

more on this later

*both isaac and jerome agree