a common beast 

A Beast with Ten Horns 

a connection to Daniel.  John knows Daniel who knows beasts.  The “ten horns” ties the second beast of the Apocalypse to the fourth beast of Daniel.  They are kings or dynasties which are easier to count especially if you let them do the counting.  The ten dynasties of Islam according to Islam.   

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A Little Horn 

in Daniel.  Another fit with history that can’t be denied.  Not proof but a fit.  A better fit, if found, should be presented.  Both John (the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings) and Daniel (the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings) tell us horns are kings.  A dynasty has kings and Islam had ten dynasties named by Islam.  Saladinbefore whom there were three of the first horns, came out of the fourth dynasty and started the fifth.  A fit with numbers.  

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the ten horns

A horn – symbol of strength

the horns are dynasties*

the ten islamic dynasties

–  Prophet and Caliphs
–  The Ummayads
–  The Abbasids
–  Tulunid and Fatimid
–  Seljuks and Ayyubids
–  Ifriqiya and Sicily
–  Almoravid and Almohad
–  The Mughals
–  The Safavids
–  The Ottomans

the ten horns ties the second beast of the apocalypse to the fourth beast of daniel

these shall hate the whore

more on this later

*both isaac and jerome agree