a great sword 

A Fourth Beast Of Daniel – 

A rider of the red horse with power to take peace from the earth.  He was also given the key of the bottomless pit  –  Sebeos may have been the first to see Islam as the true fourth beast of Daniel.  Others like Tom Holland “In The Shadow of The Sword” would recognize this.  There is something about the Temple that makes a beast a beast.   

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a red horse 

A Red Sea –

A great sword and power to take peace from the earth.  Mohammed is the rider, the Antichrist and the father of Islam which is the fourth beast of Daniel and the second beast of the Apocalypse.  The other threat to Christianity is Marxism.  Marx, the rider of black horse, is the father of Communism from the Black Sea.  

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a he or an it 

A Translation Issue 
A beast. Your bible could have as many as 296 beasts or as few as 87. There are 20 translations that consider the beast in Revelation 13:1 a ‘he’ and 37 translations call it an ‘it’. This is a significant difference. Daniel 7:7 can help us here. The fourth beast is an it in all 52 translations. It has ten horns just like the beast in Revelation.  

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